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“Loving” Podcast Episodes in iTunes

“Loving” Podcast Episodes in iTunes

Now that Apple Music has launched, I’m finding myself using iTunes more than ever. I still dislike how bloated and confusing it has become, and will likely continue to be for the next few years, but it’s fairly convenient for someone who spends the majority of their day at their desk.

I started cleaning out my backlog of Podcasts in iTunes to match my progress with my library in Castro, and noticed that the “Love” button used to tune Appl…

Automating Phone Extensions, Call Systems with Shortcuts in Contacts


When creating a contact, instead of this:


866–5309 x1982

Do this:



The semicolon is secret code to your iPhone to wait once the call connects and gives you the option to dial the extension when you tap it at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively you can use …

A Facelift for the Macintosh

The Macintosh is a computer with history: with its first desktop computer “Lisa” Apple Showed more than 30 years ago not only what what technically Possible – the design of the iMac & Co. Regularly causes stir. For CURVED / labs a good reason to develop a pioneering model for anniversary Apple did can not deny its origin.

Using components found in th…